About Jeanne


Jeanne is an artist who relocated to Cape Cod after living in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area for 35 years. She grew up in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts and was one of the lucky kids who got to spend time on the Cape & Islands throughout her childhood.  Generations of her family lived on the Cape including her parents and grandparents. Summer vacation week typically involved renting a beach house in South Yarmouth or West Dennis.  She remembers her mother packing up her siblings and peanut butter sandwiches for day trips to Old Silver Beach or off-Cape to Duxbury Beach - she specifically recalls turning a special shade of blue after a short swim there.  Years later, Jeanne’s father added a new element to the Cape experience: A boat named the “Irish Pride.”  The beach house days were replaced by fishing trips and outings to Provincetown and Martha’s Vineyard.  Lazy afternoons spent anchored off of Bassett Island made for a charmed life.  

Jeanne always had a creative side and by sixth grade she knew that she wanted to be an artist or “do something with computers.”  In high school, her art teacher encouraged her to continue to develop her skills and submitted some of her work to several competitions, including those sponsored by The Boston Globe and the National Scholastic Art Awards.  She earned nine “Certificates of Merit” and enjoyed seeing her work displayed alongside the work of her peers in various regional locations. This recognition, combined with scholarship opportunities and a presentation to her class from a representative of The Art Institute of Philadelphia, led her to apply to the school’s Graphic Design program.  She was accepted and moved to Philadelphia a week before her 18th birthday.


Jeanne graduated from The Art Institute of Philadelphia, majoring in Graphic Design and Illustration.  Immediately upon graduation, she attempted to find her first dream job:  working for an advertising agency or a gallery.  After several interviews and a lot of rejection, Jeanne discovered that finding a job in her chosen profession proved to be more challenging than expected.  She decided to sign up with a job recruiting firm and was offered a “temporary” receptionist position at a small Philadelphia law firm.  Her school advisor implored her not to take the job, as she feared Jeanne would never return to her art.  


After a couple of years, the receptionist position turned into a “temporary” role as a Human Resources assistant at a large Philadelphia law firm, where one of Jeanne’s responsibilities was to maintain the HR database system.  She found that she loved working with technology and applied for a newly created role in the Information Technology department.  She landed the job and spent the next 23 years as an Information Technology consultant, her new career beginning at about the same time the world was introduced to the Internet, the World Wide Web, and Microsoft Windows.  It was an exciting time to say the least and, while the change in course required Jeanne to put her artistic aspirations aside, technology did provide a creative outlet for her.  She developed her programming and project management skills, designed databases, and created web sites and other user-facing portals. It was fun and challenging for a long time, but after a corporate reorganization left her without a role, Jeanne saw an opportunity to make a life change and revisit her art.


With the love and support of her husband and dog, Jeanne dusted off her acrylics and found inspiration from many sources during her time in Pennsylvania:  the beautiful flowers of Longwood Gardens, the rolling hills of Chadds Ford and the Brandywine River Valley, the unique and historic character of the Delaware River towns of Lambertville, New Jersey and New Hope, Pennsylvania.  Since returning to the Cape, Jeanne’s focus is directed toward creating images that capture the breathtaking beauty, the tranquil moments and the alluring charm of the villages, gardens and beaches of Cape Cod & The Islands.  She considers it an extraordinary gift to wake up in this special place and looks forward to sharing her work and being part of the local community.