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Autumn Memories...

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

As we head into October and approach Halloween - our thoughts always turn to some of the most amazing scenes we have encountered during the cooler, crisper days of Fall. The daylight grows shorter, the shadows longer, and as the leaves begin to turn colors - we are drawn to the charming communities of New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ.

These riverside towns, connected by a walkable bridge across the Delaware River - project an eclectic vibe. New Hope being a more Bohemian type of village, scattered with jewelry stores, pubs, psychics, tattoo parlors, ice cream shops and restaurants. Its main drag and side streets are lined by cool stores that peddle anything from hot sauce to leather goods. A great place for a pub crawl or just people watching on the deck or patio of the many casual eateries. The towns streets are lined by old trees that radiate with vibrant color in the Fall, giving the town a scenic aura that is incredible to experience.

Lambertville, on the other hand, boasts similarly stunning scenery with a more artistic small town charm. Cafes, intimate bistros, antique shops, wine cellars and countless art galleries draw the crowds here. Of course there are also amazing restaurants and a fine collection of lively pubs.

One of our favorite and most memorable times here are dinners at the Swan Tavern in Lambertville. Jeanne will always get their famous mashed potato pizza, a completely guilty pleasure. Afterwards, when the sun has set, we make our way down the charming streets past the old Victorian homes - fallen dried leaves crunching below our feet.

Lambertville has a tradition. The homeowners in this town decorate their houses for Halloween. Not just regular decorations, but ornate - over the top - Disney's Haunted Mansion type of decorations. Crowds of people make the journey and collect on these streets in the October evenings - just to enjoy the amazing scenes.

The houses are blanketed in black lights, and skeletons. Frankenstein and other creepy monsters shadow the upstairs windows, spiders and witches gather on porches. One after the other - block by block each neighbor tries to out-do the other. The result is an absolute delight for the observing visitors. A friendly kinship is shared with your fellow thrill seekers as the ooohs and ahhhs - laughs and giggles are unavoidable with each house we pass.

After an hour or so of walking - we are tired. We turn back towards our hotel, once again passing the Spooktacular (corny - we know) displays. We enjoy a quick nightcap at one of the quiet pubs where we excitedly compare our favorite decorations before calling it an evening.

These two towns, each with their own unique personality, make for a perfect Fall getaway weekend. We hope you check it out some time and make your own amazing Autumn memories. In the meantime, enjoy the Spooky Pics.


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Dec 18, 2021


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