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Happy New Year!

Well 2022 is upon us.

I had some blog ideas this week, but will put them on hold for another time. We have been so busy over at that I feel compelled to catch everybody up on all the latest news.

First, the big news. Jeanne completed a new painting.

The piece, “Blue Poppy”, in our opinion, is her best painting yet. The story behind the art goes back a few years when Jeanne took a photography course at Longwood Gardens. They brought the group into the gardens in the early early morning before they were open and had them use the amazing morning light to capture photos throughout the grounds. One of the better pictures that Jeanne took was a close up of one of their famous Blue Poppies - and she used it for inspiration and reference for her painting.

This one is a digital art painting. She had done an acrylic on canvas a couple years ago and this one came out remarkably similar :-)

In other news this month, we have completed a significant overhaul of the web site. As you may know - we had been using Fine Art America (FAA) as our art fulfillment partner. We like the community at FAA and enjoy their contests and artist support network, but their site was a bit awkward at times. The account registration didn’t always work right, and it lacks the analytic transparency we will need to continue to build the business. So, you will notice a new “Shop” page where you can buy Jeanne's art directly from her website.

You will also notice an option to register an account on Jeanne’s site.

This will allow visitors to keep up to date on our blogs, news and announcements as well as simplify the purchasing process. It is not necessary to have an account to make a purchase - it will just make it simpler when you come back to buy another piece.

We will continue to offer Jeanne’s work on FAA , as the variety of their framing is just superior to what we have found with any other partner. But, the “Shop” page will be the first option for purchasing Jeanne’s work.

Speaking of Jeanne’s work, it has gotten quite a bit of attention lately. She has been placing very well in multiple art contests.

Fine Art America - Blue Contest - 1st Place Winner - Sandy Neck (375 entries)

Fine Art America - Sense of Quiet - 1st Place Winner - Chatham Beach (493 entries)

Fine Art America - Best of 2021 - 2nd Place - Blue Poppy (775 entries)

What great recognition from the visitors and members at Fine Art America. As you can see there are many amazing pieces of artwork, submitted by very talented artists in these competitions and the fact that Jeanne is showing so well is an amazing achievement.

Awesome work Jeanne!

We have one more bit of news that we are not quite ready to share, but that we are very excited about. We hope to have more information in the coming weeks and look forward to a very special announcement in the near future.

Until then, we wish a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones - and we hope the year is filled with health, happiness and peace.


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Feb 27, 2022

What's the big news?

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