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Here we go again!

We have been enjoying our "Second Summer" out here on Cape Cod. That special time of year when the beaches clear and you can suddenly get into your favorite restaurant.

The weather is absolutely delightful, the fishing is great as the stripers make their autumn run, the leaves start to turn their vibrant colors, and we start to turn our attention towards the holidays.

Halloween is right around the corner and Thanksgiving will be right behind. We already have our Christmas tree acquisition day on the calendar. All very exciting!

With the Fall, also comes Jeanne's second stay at the Hyannis HyArts Artist Shanties.

We haven't been at the Shanties since July and we are very excited to be closing out the season for the year! That's right, this is the last weekend for the 2022 regular Hyannis HyArts Artist Shanty season.

They will open again on Black Friday and for a short time during the Christmas season, but this is the last weekend of the regular season.

We are so excited to show Jeanne's work to both the local community and our "Second Summer" visitors, and can't wait for the weekend as we close out Jeanne's first year in business.

A reminder - Hyannis HyArts Artist Shanties are one program, two locations, 12 artists weekly! Both spots are steps from one another along Ocean Street at Bismore Park & Harbor Overlook. Follow the Walkway-to-the-Sea from Main Street to Hyannis Harbor.

Jeanne will be at the Marstons Mills Shanty at Bismore Park. Stop in for lunch at the Black Cat Tavern then stop by, say hello, and check out some amazing art by tremendously talented local artists!

The Shanties are open from 11 am - 4 pm from Friday 21-Oct through Sunday 23-Oct.

We hope to see you there!

Finally, as always, we invite you to enjoy Jeanne's art online. As we head towards the holidays, please consider the gift of art as a wonderful and unique Holiday option .



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