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Shanty Success

What an awesome summer we are having here on Cape Cod. The weather has been great - the garden is in full bloom - and we had an amazing time at the Hyannis HyArts Artist Shanties.

First of all - a big thank you to everyone who came out to visit and even purchase some of Jeanne’s work.

The experience was incredible - we met so many amazing people, from our fellow artists to friendly art lovers from all over the world. It’s important to point out that Jeanne was one of 12 artists participating in the program during our stay. All of them are super talented and passionate about their art. The Hyannis HyArts Artist Shanties are run by ARTS Barnstable and are one program at two locations, Bismore Park and Harbor Overlook.

Artists rotate weekly throughout the summer giving collectors and visitors a great opportunity to be exposed to different art styles and varieties of art week to week. During our week alone there were creatives showing jewelry, pottery, seashell art, metal art, printmaking, photography, fabrics, apparel, and more. The varied talent is astounding. What a great idea!

Our shanty was perched across the street from, and overlooking, Hyannis Harbor. Thus the suitable name for our shanty location - Harbor Overlook.

We were in the “Keyes” shanty, which Jeanne adorned with fresh hydrangeas in celebration of the annual Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival which took place July 8 - July 17.

We hung the framed artwork on the walls - and scattered wrapped canvases of various sizes around the shanty perimeter. We set up two tables with note cards, artful coasters, and of course, the previously mentioned flower arrangements proudly displayed. Larger wrapped canvas prints were hung on the doors and outside the shanty so Jeanne’s work could be seen from a distance.

This was our first visit to the shanties - heck this was our first experience formally showing Jeanne’s work, so we had no idea what to expect. The setup was smooth enough and our first visitors stopped in just as we were hanging the last piece of art. Of course, that first sale didn’t go as smoothly as possible - with our point-of-sale system downloading a software update just when Steve needed to run the credit card purchase. Whoops!

Important note for next time: turn on the Square terminal early to make sure it’s all booted and ready to go when the shanty doors open.

The weather was beautiful during our shanty stay. We had a couple of very brief rain showers where we had to quickly move some of the art back into the shanty to protect it from getting wet. But the sprinkles didn’t last long and for the most part, our days were spent sitting pleasantly in our director chairs, enjoying the view and sunshine and greeting passersby - welcoming them to our little corner of Cape Cod art.

The only real challenge was the seagulls who found it necessary to add their own special touch to Jeanne’s paintings - we surely did not have that on our risk register.

Although not documented, the seagulls also did not spare Steve’s new Tommy Bahama shirt. We are told it’s considered to be good luck.

Our proximity to the new Snack Shack at Harbor Overlook was an absolute treat - with plenty of fresh sandwiches and refreshing beverages being offered by our friends at Centerville Pie Company - just steps away.

Special shout out for the best chicken salad you will ever have. And, although they weren’t selling them at the Snack Shack, the Centerville Pie Company makes an amazing Thanksgiving Pie that has huge chunks of turkey, and cranberry stuffing, all nestled into their homemade pie crust and drenched in gravy. This masterpiece of wholesome goodness is comfort food at its finest. Do yourself a favor and try it out. You can stop in during our next shanty visit and thank Steve personally for the tip!

ARTS Barnstable and the town of Barnstable do a spectacular job promoting the program and ensuring visitors to downtown Hyannis have a great time during their stay. We spent an entire week experiencing ballroom dance lessons, game corners, light shows, the Cape Cod Symphony, yoga and Zumba classes, strolling ukuleles, huge bubble creations, community drumming, and concerts,

Most of the events are free and run throughout the summer. A schedule of events can be found on the Arts Barnstable website. We highly recommend you check it out and participate in the fun. We still have plenty of the summer season remaining and there are always new events and activities to explore.

So our week went by quickly. We sold some art (YAYYYY), met some very extraordinary people, and really spread the word about Jeanne’s work. Some of the shanty visitors are new members here at We welcome them and thank them for their support and interest!

Also a special thank you to our friends and family who sent words of encouragement or stopped by to give us support. How wonderful it was to see you there - and how incredible it is to know that we have an amazing network cheering us on and helping us through this thrilling adventure.

Without a doubt, the week was an absolute success and we are very proud and grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in such a great program.

Finally - a quick news update. Jeanne’s fabulous bit of work “Edgartown Porch” not only garnered a bunch of attention and discussion at the Hyannis HyArts Artist Shanty (probably the piece that initiated most discussion) - but has won the “CAPE COD AND THE ISLANDS” art contest on Fine Art America.

Thank you to everyone who voted. It’s always a delight to see Jeanne’s work recognized.

We wish you all a continuing wonderful summer. Until next time!



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